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Persian Kittens for sale: We have the most adorable and lovely Persian Kittens for sale. They are so cute, you’ll buy one without planning. We’re CFA registered cat breeders for over 20 years now and have supplied kittens and cats to over 400 homes all over the world. If you’re to take a look then have a good time. If you have any questions, then please don’t hesitate to contact us for any information or help. 


adorable persian kittens for sale


  • Persian cats are very beautiful to look at and also generally they have a sweet disposition.
  • They have a quiet manner and a regal character.
  • Also, they usually tolerate everything and will walk away if bothered. 
  • They are very gentle by nature.
  • Another Pro is the variety of colors they come in. 
  • They are an ornament to your life and home.
  • They make attractive pets to look at. 
  • They have lovely fur and are not usually prone to be destructive in any way. 
  • Persian cats usually adjust quite well to new surroundings quickly although some can be shy around loud noises.

              JUST TO NAME A FEW

Why us?

Our placement Plan

We provide each new Persian Kitten owner with an extensive Kitten Placement Package.

  • A kitten that has already been spayed or neutered
  • A kitten that is already registered with the CFA
  • A Five-year written health/genetic guarantee
  • A six-year HCM guarantee
  • A kitten that has been microchipped
  • Age appropriate vaccinations and wormings
  • A copy pf the PKD1 negative certificate for the ancestors of your kitten
  • A Healthy Start Pack of food for your kitten
  • Information on grooming, feeding and care of your kitten
  • My open-door policy of on-going support for your kitten
cfa registered persian kittens

Best and cutest Persian Kittens for sale

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Numbers speak for OUR KITTENS AND CATS

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years of experience with Persian Cats and Kittens

In these 12 years, we’ve not only bred persian kittens but we’ve also had experience with ragdols, and bengal kittens

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happy clients

We’ve put smiles on faces of families and single people alike. Our kittens are potty trained by the time they are ready for adoption and pose less liability to their owners…Except for feeding of course

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Kittens Sold

You may be wondering why we have more kittens than clients. Well, the answer is that most families or some families take a two kittens so the other does not feel lonely. 

Benefits of having a pet

There’s a need for a pet in every home if you ask me. Also the only reason one shouldn’t get a pet is for allergies. Below are some reasons to back this idea:

1) They keep you fit

2) They make sure you’re never lonely

3) They lower your stress levels

4) They can help you make friends

5) They can improve your immune system

6) They can stop your children from developing allergies

7) They can catch cancer early

8) They can teach kids responsibility

9) They make you feel safe

10) They can provide companionship to children with learning difficulties

what our clients have to say

"I got Lucy from you guys and though she took some time adjusting, she's grown up to be a wonderful cat. Very playful and she makes me laugh a lot. I wish I could take her with me when I got an outstation job."
Freya Sanz
"I got a Kitten from these amazing family and though my own family is still pretty small, the kitten actually grew up with my daughter and they're best pals today"
Mark Ficher
I just love how you train kittens before adoption. It makes everyone wanna get one for themselves. I got a kitten that changed my life. You guys are just awesome. Keep up the good work!!
Diana Burnwood

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It takes less than a few clicks and phone calls to secure a kitten and with a visit, you’ll confirm what you saw online and take it home when all paperwork is done. 

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